Why not choose our exceptional venue to host a unique event? Our professional event teams are on hand to help plan your event, taking into account your objectives, your limitations and your budget.

Organise your fully customised seminar with Le Village du Lac

Do you want to make an impression? Motivate your teams?

Then feel free to ask our on-site team to help you design and create your event, whether it’s a motivational meeting, an incentive seminar or an awards evening. You’ll benefit from their ability to analyse and organise your project from start to finish, enabling you to fulfil your requirements as effectively as possible.
We’ll help you create your perfect event.

Laetitia will be your main contact person on site. A superb leader, she coordinates the teams and ensures that all of your needs are met. Feel free to ask her about our incentive packages. Our network of local partners will be on hand to assist, and to help you create the event that’s right for you.

Within the Village, you can also alternate work sessions with sporting challenges and team-building games.

Just a few minutes from Le Village, you can also experience the vibrant city of Bordeaux and its environs, by taking your employees:

  • to watch a football match at the Grand Stade de Bordeaux
  • on a wine-tasting tour of local chateaus
  • to play golf at the Golf de Bordeaux-Lac course
  • to relax with a foot reflexology session
  • to explore the Dune of Pilat
  • on a tour of downtown Bordeaux
  • to enjoy an evening at the Opéra de Bordeaux